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Cozumel Passion Island
Save on Jeep adventure!

For a limited time only, visit this fantastic all-inclusive getaway on a private island by off-road Jeep and pay just $60 per adult! (usually $65)

After an exciting all-terrain journey through the Cozumel jungle, you'll arrive for an unforgettable day of relaxation away from crowds.

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When you arrive you can freshen up with a drink on the shoreline, while relaxing in a beach hammock or under a shady palapa hut roof.

Passion Island by Jeep
The adventurous way to get there, by off-road Jeep!

Stroll along the white sand, go shopping, get a massage, take a swim, paddle a boat, or simply sip a cold margarita.

Cozumel Passion Island
Arrive by Jeep and boat to this white sand island surrounded by turquoise sea.

Lunch and open bar is included, so don't forget to taste the famous Cozumel Passion Island guacamole, BBQ chicken and grilled Mahi-Mahi fish!

Passion Island in Cozumel
Take a stroll along the quiet shoreline.

While you relax the kids can have fun with the water toys, exploring the children's castle and maze, or playing soccer and volleyball.

Isla Pasion Cozumel
Plenty of great water toys to keep the kids happy.

If you prefer to arrive on without going off-road you can also buy a package that includes transport from downtown by taxi.

Passion Island tours
Shady palm trees and white sand await you.

Or, if you're staying in Cozumel and want to take your own car or taxi, we also offer a package without transport.

Passion Island Twister
Lots of activities including paddleboats and kayaks.

(Once you arrive to Passion Island all the packages are the same, only the transport differs.)

Passion Island shore excursion
Browse the cute souvenir shops for original gifts.

With the discouted Jeep tour option, you drive your own vehicle in a convoy, with a guide leading the way, arriving to the island after an adrenaline adventure through the jungle.

Passion Island excursion
Snooze or just hang about in shady hammocks.

However you arrive, you will never forget this island adventure in Cozumel.

Isla Passion Cozumel
Delicious buffet lunch and open bar included.

The charms of Passion Island are waiting for you, don't miss this fabulous opportunity to get away from it all!

“Lots of fun for our family!”

We booked the Passion Island excursions for our cruise stop on Cozumel. There were seven of us - four adults and three boys ages 14, 12 and 10. We took a cab to the meeting point and were happy to see our guide - Felipe - get there about 35 minutes early (we were early too!). We got into three Jeeps - Felipe in one and the rest of us in the other two - for our trip "over a bumpy road' to the boat launch for Passion Island. We stopped at a small supermarket on the way to get a couple of bottles of water and off we went.

Well...the bumpy road turned out to be about a 30 minute 4-wheel drive adventure over the beach and through the jungle. We put the Jeeps through their paces and had a ball. I own a Jeep Wrangler and I have never driven it half as hard as I did this one. Felipe led us over some really fun terrain and my son-in-law and grandsons loved the experience. My wife and daughter ....well....not as much as they weren't driving.

We finally arrived smiling and dusty to the boat launch. After about a 10 minute wait, the boat arrived for the 1 mile crossing to the island.

Passion Island is beautiful. Wonderful palapas, lots of beaach toys and a wonderful beach. The food was great as was the rum punch and the cold beer. The guacamole was wonderful.

We spent a couple of hours here just having fun in the water and on the beach. Then back to Cozumel, into the Jeeps and back to town.

We all had a great time and would recommend this to other families.

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See more photos in our Passion Island gallery on Facebook.

Sorry, we cannot sell this tour to Carnival cruise ship passengers, but you can book a similar tour through Carnival directly.


Package 1 - All-Inclusive with taxi transport from downtown:
Adults $65 USD, Children (4-12 years) $40 USD.

Package 2 - All-Inclusive with Jeep tour from downtown:
Adults $60 USD (Reduced from $65, offer for limited time only!)
Children (8-12 years) $50 USD (minimum age 8 years for Jeep tour).

Package 3** - All-Inclusive with boat transport from north of Cozumel only:
Adults $45 USD, Children (4-12 years) $30 USD.

** With Package 3 you will need your own car or a taxi to take you to the boat departure point in the north of Cozumel. This is about a 30 minute drive from downtown and includes some bumpy roads but is passable in a regular car. A taxi for up to 4 people costs approx. $30 each way from downtown and the cruise terminals.

Once on the island the packages are the same, only the transport differs. Kids under 4 do not pay but take the tour at the parents' or guardians' own risk.


Tours depart at 9.30am or 11am, Mon-Sat, from the meeting point at a convenient location downtown. When there is a late cruise ship arrival there is also an extra tour at 1pm.

Passengers arriving by cruise ship to Puerta Maya or the International Pier will need to take a taxi to the meeting point, a 5 minute drive. Passengers arriving to Punta Langosta Pier can walk to the meeting point (3 minutes).

If you just pay for the Boat and Entrance (Package 3) you can arrive at any time between 9.30am and 12 midday Cozumel time.

If you are arriving on a cruise ship and have any questions about transport or timing please contact us.


The packages with taxi or Jeep transport included last about 5 hours in total with 3-3.5 hours on the island.

The package with only boat transport give you 3-3.5 hours on the island.


• Round-trip transportation (taxi transport and Jeep options).
• Tour on private bumpy road (Jeep option only).
• Short boat ride to Passion Island.
• English speaking tour guide.
• Mexican buffet.
• Grilled chicken.
• Grilled fresh fish.
• Rice.
• Green salad.
• Guacamole.
• Pico de Gallo (Mexican sauce).
• Chips and salsa.
• Tropical fruit.
• Sweet pastries/bread.
• Open bar (national brands).
• Rum, tequila and vodka (national brands).
• Mixed drinks (national brands).
• Sodas (Pepsi, Sprite, orange, Diet Pepsi, etc).
• 100% purified water and ice.
• Barrel beer "XX lager".
• Fruit punch juice.
• Beach activities and games.

Island Facilities (may be subject to change):

• Restaurant.
• Palapa hut shades.
• Hammocks.
• Kayaks.
• Open air shopping.
• Lockers.
• Bathroom.
• Showers.
• Kids' activities: castle, maze, soccer, volleyball, beach and water toys.
• First Aid center.
• Tables and beach chairs with shade everywhere.

Not included:

• Cash bar.
• Items at the stores.
• Massage service.
• Braids, henna tattoos, etc.

What to Bring:

Biodegradable sunscreen, bathing suit, camera, sun glasses, your family and a big smile!


In order for the tour Jeep option to operate, there must be at least 4 people registered in this tour. You drive the Jeep yourself, so drivers must show a valid driving licence and may not drink alcohol. Reservations for less than 4 people will be accepted subject to availability and passengers may be required to share a Jeep or pay a $10 supplement per person if nobody is available to share.

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