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Cozumel lookout
Rugged beauty.
  At this time of year the wind often blows in from the island's east side, making it a great time to see the waves splashing at El Mirador lookout.

Here the sea has carved an arch in the rock that you can climb for wonderful views of the rugged natural beauty of Cozumel's east coast.

You can look out towards Cuba, only 60 miles (100km) away across the horizon of the Caribbean Sea.

Cozumel Other Side.
Bring your camera for some fantastic photo opportunities.

Don't forget your camera, El Mirador offers fantastic photo opportunities of the deep blue Caribbean Sea, with contrasting gray rocks and green vegetation.

Cozumel cold coconuts
Enjoy delicious refreshing coconuts and buy souvenirs.

You can also enjoy delicious refreshing coconuts and buy souvenirs from the local vendors on the beach next to El Mirador.

El Mirador can be visited on our Private Taxi Tours or our Tour to The Other Side.

You can also find more photos of the island's East coast in our Google+ Other Side Photo Album.

Entrance free.

Distance from downtown approx. 30 minute drive.

Location: Roughly mid-way on the east coast road.