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A whopping 273 pound Blue Marlin helped the winning team to victory in the "Mexico Boat Rodeo" fishing tournament in Cozumel, earlier this month.

Made on the first day of fishing, the catch proved unbeatable and led the crew on the Marlin Negro to victory.

Cozumel fishing tournament
Cozumel fishing tournament.

The 43rd annual Rodeo de Lanchas saw over 1,000 participants on more than 150 boats, all seeking to win great prizes including cars, motorbikes and cash.

Cozumel fishing boats
Boats head out early in their search for the best catch

Islanders dominated the leaderboard with Cozumel boats using their local knowledge to help them finish in first, second and third positions.

Cozumel fishing charter boat
The winning crew with 273 pound Blue Marlin

The winning team, led by Captain Miguel "The Cat" Rejón, received a Mercedes Benz for their trouble. Not bad for a weekend's fishing!

Cozumel fishing boats
Over 150 boats took part in the 43rd annual tournament

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Photos courtesy of @LuisOlanC on Twitter and Cozumel Municipal Government.