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Cozumel HD Photos
Photos of Cozumel's daily life.

Local newspaper, Expediente Quintana Roo, has published an exclusive new series of 36 high definition photos of Cozumel.

The photos provide a fascinating insight into Cozumel's people, nature and daily life, including the police, the market, people walking and riding scooters, and men working on the pier and driving taxis.

In an article accompanying the release of the images, the paper wrote, “Its people - the Cozumeleños - are the authors of the island’s success, with daily work over the years, they have transformed it into today’s tourist paradise.”

The people of Cozumel
The people of Cozumel and daily island life.

Expediente Quintana Roo has kindly given us permission to reproduce the whole collection of images in large format. Find them all in our Daily Life in Cozumel Facebook Album.