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Our Cozumel community on Facebook reached 10,000 likes today!

To celebrate and thank our social media followers we're offering 10% off 10 tours for 10 days!

Visit and like our Facebook page to find the special promo code and then make a reservation for one of the tours below before the end of the month.

It doesn't matter when you will visit, just enter the promo code in the comments box and make the reservation in the next 10 days to save 10%!

Note: There is no limit to how many reservations you make but the deposit must be made to complete the reservation within 5 days of receiving the payment request. In the case of the three tours marked ** below, full payment needs to be made at time of booking and then 10% will be refunded when your reservation is confirmed. Reservations must be received before midnight Central Time on October 31, 2013.

All-Inclusive Beach Resort Package - $54**

This Cozumel beach resort offers everything you could possibly want for an unforgettable day of sand, sea and sun.

Our unbeatable package includes full use of the resort, pools and water park, as well as snorkel gear, open bar and all-you-can-eat buffet.

Cozumel Beach Resort
Cozumel Beach Resort package.
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Trimaran Sail And Snorkel - $55
Cozumel trimaran tour.
Cozumel trimaran tour.

If you're looking for a sail and snorkel break that's different from the rest, then this unique trip to 2 fantastic reefs is for you.

The original 3 hull trimaran is more spacious and stable than many other island boats, ensuring a soft ride and comfortable sailing experience.

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Cozumel Dune Buggy Tour - $79

Feel the cool Caribbean breeze in your hair as you tour Cozumel driving your very own dune buggy.

You'll make a circuit of the island in a convoy led by a guide and snorkel a shallow reef, enjoy time on the beach, see a small Mayan ruin, look for crocodiles, climb an historic lighthouse and learn about tequila.

Cozumel Dune Buggy
Cozumel Dune Buggy.
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Cozumel Mayan Steam Lodge - $80
Mayan steam lodge
Unique Mayan tradition.

Cleanse your body, mind and soul on this unique tour to a Mayan steam lodge – or temazcal.

Learn about the spiritual beliefs of the ancient Mayans and enjoy the most amazing experience on your vacation.

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Cozumel Food Tours - from $60

Learn about local gastronomical delights on our highly popular Cozumel food tours.

Mexico is famous for its variety of tasty treats and Cozumel and the Yucatan region is no exception.



Cozumel ours
Cozumel ours.
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All-Inclusive Beach And Snorkel Pass - $50**
Cozumel snorkel and beach
Snorkel from the beach.
  Cozumel's best snorkel and beach pass deal!

This all-inclusive package includes entrance and a 30 minute snorkel tour at a fantastic beach club, as well as open bar and lunch.
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Cozumel Jeep Tour - $75

Discover the very best that Cozumel has to offer as you drive round the whole island on this scenic Jeep adventure.

Snorkel a shallow reef, enjoy time on the beach, see a small Mayan ruin, look for crocodiles, climb an historic lighthouse and learn about tequila.

Cozumel Jeep
Round the island by Jeep.
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Cozumel Wheelchair Accessible Tours - from $45
Cozumel wheelchair tours
Wheelchair accessible transport.

We think everyone should be able to enjoy the beauty of Cozumel, which is why we offer this exclusive tour allowing wheelchair users to see the island safely and comfortably.

Stop at an accessible beach bar, go shopping, learn about Mexican culture or have lunch by the sea - you decide, it's your own private tour!

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Cozumel Photo Instruction Tour - $49

Puzzled by buttons and settings on your camera?

Tired of taking dull, uninspired photos?

Improve your skills while strolling round Cozumel on our professional photo tour!

Cozumel photography
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Hacienda Antigua Tequila Tour - $14**
Cozumel tequila tour
Cozumel tequila tour.
  Ever wondered how Mexicans turn a spiky plant into their national drink? The Hacienda Antigua tequila tour can provide you with all the answers.

The tour costs just $14 USD and kids under 18 go for free.

Hacienda Antigua can also be visited on our Tour to The Other Side.
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