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Find out if you've got what it takes to be a real Cozumel Captain with our exclusive new America's Cup tour deal.

If you book this thrilling regatta tour through us, we guarantee you the opportunity to take the helm on one of these genuine racing yachts and you'll also receive a special 10% discount on official merchandise when you finish sailing.

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Enjoy the thrill of racing in a genuine, classic America's Cup yacht and work with your team to be first over the line in an exciting Cozumel regatta.

No experience necessary, you choose what part to play, from captain, to winch grinder, to beer-server.

America's Cup Cozumel
Learn professional sailing tactics as the boats fight for the wind and first place.

The excitement builds as your group selects two captains and the teams are chosen.

Your two multi-million dollar 70ft (21.3m) sailing boats have true racing pedigrees: Stars & Stripes US-56 competed for the United States and True North IV KC-4 for Canada, in America's Cup regattas in the late eighties.

Cozumel sailing regatta
You're given a thorough safety briefing and shown how to work the equipment.

Next you and your group decide what roles to play. More active members can chose to grind winches and the more relaxed can simply keep the time, or pass cold beers and sodas around when there's a moment to grab a drink.

Cozumel sailing race
More active members can chose to grind winches.

Before the race starts, you're given a thorough safety briefing and shown how to work the equipment by the expert international crew. No previous experience is necessary, just a desire to sail fast under the power of the wind.

Cozumel sailing tour
Winches grind and sails are trimmed.

No matter how many knots are blowing, competition between teams is always fierce and there's tension in the air as the boats vie for position in a rolling start to the race.

Cozumel yacht tour
Stars and Stripes 87 from the United States team.

You'll learn professional sailing tactics as the boats fight for the wind and first place. Winches grind, sails are trimmed, hats blow away, and cold drinks and smiles are shared around.

Cozumel sailing
True North IV from the Canadian team.

As the boats cross the finish line everyone anxiously waits to see which flag is raised from the judge's boat, if it's blue one team has won, if it's white, then the other.

Cozumel 12m challenge
Grins on the faces of everyone.

Although the celebrations may be bigger on the winning team's boat, you'll find grins on the faces of everyone as they move off from the finish line and head to the complimentary rum punch party that is held back on dry land.

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Sorry, we cannot sell this tour to cruise ship passengers, but you may find your cruise line offers it too.


$90 per person.

Private charter races also available for $1,900 USD for the two boats (up to 36 people in total). Contact us for more information.

Duration: 2½ to 3 hours depending on wind and sea conditions, including about 1 to 1½ hours racing.

Dates: Mon-Sat.




Departs/returns to a pier to the south of downtown in Cozumel. Transport between your accommodation and the pier(s) is not included.

Age Restrictions:

The tour operator does not encourage children under the age of 12, unless they are from a sailing family or are very strong or big for their age.


Full briefing and instruction; life vests; race; beers, sodas and purified water; rum punch party.

Not included: transport to/from meeting point; optional gratuities.


You may bring bags and towels etc. as there is dry storage below decks on the boats. It is best to wear soft soled shoes, no high heels or flimsy sandals. Sun protection is important, bring cream and if you bring a hat make sure it has a chin-strap as the boats don't stop if your hat blows overboard! There are no toilets/heads on the yachts, although there are plenty before and after the race. Be sure to go before you leave if you think you won’t last 3 hours. A small plastic bag to prevent a camera being splashed is a good idea.

Additional Info:

Each boat takes a minimum of 9 and a maximum of 18 passengers, in addition to the professional crew of 3. Souvenirs are available including replica crew T-shirts, caps, skippers' polo shirts, Tilley hats, etc. The yachts have US Coast Guard approved boat equipment.

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