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The Cozumel Humane Society held its much anticipated Halloween fundraiser, this week.

The annual animal charity event is always popular with locals and expats, as they dress up to see who can be the scariest on the island.

This year's horrifying party was held at Carlos'n Charlies, which was fitted out suitably with frightening decorations for both adults and kids to laugh and scream at.

As well as a haunted house, there was a Mexican twist on the American celebrations, with a giant piƱata in the form of a jack-o'-lantern..

Island photographers, M&J Photography, were also on hand to set up a spooky photo booth and capture the creepy costumes.

If you're not too terrified to take a look, you can see all the pictures in our Cozumel Halloween Facebook Album and let us know which is your favorite scary outfit!


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Creepy costumes.

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