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Cozumel cosmetic surgery vacations are becoming more popular every year as medical tourists are attracted by high quality services at affordable prices.

Botox and other less invasive treatments are also in vogue with shorter stay visitors and cruise ship passengers.

The island not only offers excellent medical facilities, but also a warm and welcoming environment to relax and recuperate after treatment.

Many visitors choose the island's private cosmetic clinics - such as the new Rejuvenation Clinic right on the seafront downtown - where they can find excellent, experienced, bilingual surgeons and staff.

Cosmetic surgery clinic in Cozumel
Rejuvenation Clinic right on the seafront downtown.

A wide range of cosmetic surgery is available on the island, including rhinoplasty, mammoplasty, tummy tucks and liposuction, as well as less invasive treatments such as laser hair removal, medical facial treatments and the removal of tattoos, spider veins, moles or skin tags.

And when treatments can cost 40-50% less than in the United States — for walk-in patients or those wishing to schedule appointments — it's not hard to see why more and more people are choosing to improve their looks in Cozumel.

Cosmetic surgeon and staff in Cozumel
Excellent, experienced, bilingual surgeons and staff.

Whether you come for one day or several weeks, the island makes for a great place to receive your treatment. If you'd like to enhance your appearance while relaxing, Cozumel is the ideal location for your affordable quality, cosmetic surgery vacation.

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