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Cozumel Carnival 2012
Cozumel Carnival 2012.

Cozumel's 2012 Carnival saw a fantastic last few days at the end of February.

Paulina Rubio put on an amazing performance at the Grand Carnival Ball, followed by a spectacular Fat Tuesday seafront parade and then the emotional closing night, with the traditional burning of Juan Carnaval.

At the Grand Carnival Ball, the night before Fat Tuesday, Paulina Rubio was met with massive excitement by those lucky enough to be there.

She put on an electric performance singing such hits as Dame Otro Tequila, Yo No Soy Esa Mujer and Solo Una Palabra.

To the delight of locals, she even invited the audience to join her in downing a shot of tequila for a special toast to Cozumel.

Cozumel Paulina Rubio
Paulina Rubio in Cozumel.

Locals and visitors to the island danced in the streets with the kaleidoscopic costumed carnaveleros during 3 nights of seafront parades, the grand finale being the loud music and technicolor floats and dancers on Mardis Gras, or Fat Tuesday.

Carnival in Cozumel
Performers didn't miss a beat.

The performers on the floats didn't miss a beat as they showered gifts of carnival beads and candy on the cheering crowds along the streets.

A real safe, family event, Cozumel Carnival involves all ages from excited babies in multicolored diapers to great-grandparents who have lost count of how many carnivals they've danced at.

As is traditional, the evening after the last big parade and party, the closing ceremony was held in the downtown plaza, with special prizes being given to outstanding carnival participants.

After the last award was given, it was time once again to light the fires in preparation for the sad event of burning Juan Carnaval.

More than a few tears were shed as the traditional effigy went up in flames and events came to a close.

Tired but happy, Cozumele├▒os reluctantly said goodbye to the spirit of Carnival for another year.

Cozumel Carnival 2013.
Until Carnival 2013!

Of course, now it's time to start the preparations for Cozumel Carnival 2013!

For more photos see our Facebook albums for Cozumel Fat Tuesday 2012 and Paulina Rubio live at Cozumel Carnival.

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