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We have a range of over 50 great Cozumel tours for the winter season and we guarantee the lowest prices too.*

Many are selling out already for dates in December and January, so, if you're visiting soon, now is the time to book!

Cozumel spring break
Open bar beach packages.

From all-inclusive beach packages, to off-road adventures in the jungle, to sail and snorkel trips, we have something for everyone this winter.


No need to worry if you come on a cruise either. If the ship changes route or does not visit, we will refund any deposits you have paid.

Get the most out of your dollars by booking the best tours at the best prices* with This is Cozumel.

Some winter season tour suggestions are below or take a look at ALL our great Cozumel tours.

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Xrail Jungle Buggy Madness - $80
Cozumel buggy tour
How dirty can you get!?
  Cozumel's craziest adventure, now reduced to just $80 per person!

Take a two-seater Xrail all-terrain vehicle - a bit like a dune buggy - through jungle to the "Jade Cavern".

How much fun can you handle? How dirty can you get!?
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All-Inclusive Beach And Snorkel Pass - $43
Cozumel's best snorkel and beach pass deal!

This all-inclusive package includes entrance and a 45 minute snorkel tour at a fantastic beach club, as well as open bar and lunch.
Cozumel snorkel and beach
Snorkel from the beach.
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Cozumel Snorkel Tour To 3 Reefs - $39
Cozumel snorkel tours
Relax and see colorful tropical fish.

Avoid fast and furious Cozumel snorkel tours and enjoy a more relaxed pace on our smaller boat trip to 3 top reefs.

While some trips take you to less interesting areas near downtown, our tour takes you snorkeling at famous reefs such as Paradise, Dzul-Ha and Chankanaab.

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Cozumel Jeep Tour - from $65

Discover the very best that Cozumel has to offer as you drive round the whole island on this scenic Jeep adventure.

See Mayan ruins, look for crocodiles, climb an historic lighthouse, snorkel in a shallow reef and enjoy time on the beach.

Cozumel Jeep
Round the island by Jeep.
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Trimaran Sail And Snorkel - $55
Cozumel trimaran tour.
Cozumel trimaran tour.

If you're looking for a sail and snorkel break that's different from the rest, then this unique trip to 2 fantastic reefs is for you.

The original 3 hull trimaran is more spacious and stable than many other island boats, ensuring a soft ride and comfortable sailing experience.

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ATV Jungle Snorkel Combo - from $55
Enjoy an ATV (quad-bike) adventure starting at the Mayan town of El Cedral.

Hop on an ATV and cruise through jungle, explore ancient Mayan caves, a cenote (water hole) and a small Mayan ruin.
ATV and snorkel tour
Cruise through jungle.
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Hacienda Antigua Tequila Tour - $14
Cozumel tequila tour
Cozumel tequila tour.
  Ever wondered how Mexicans turn a spiky plant into their national drink? The Hacienda Antigua tequila tour can provide you with all the answers.

The tour costs just $14 USD and kids under 18 go for free.

Hacienda Antigua can also be visited on our Tour to The Other Side.

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