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Guest report on the regional motocross championship in Cozumel, last week, by Master A Class race winner and event co-organizer, Chris Wright.

It had been delayed 2 weeks, but finally it was race day.

Tropical rains had turned the track into a big pond.

To get it ready to race, I'd had to do a search and recovery snorkel for a pump's suction hose.


All that was history now and the track was in great shape for the race.

Motosport Cozumel
Fall in warm-up.


A huge crowd showed up to see local Cozumel riders race against others from all over Mexico, and a few foreign riders too.

Even the Mexican national pro champion, Martin Garcia, was at the race, showing us the fast way around the track.

In our pit we had at least 30 of our friends cheering us on. Local scuba pro, Gabi Loco, who was severely injured in a diving accident in September, was there too. It was good to see him smiling so much.

My race - Master A class - was the second race of the day. The flag went up, the engines roared, and the gate dropped.

Rival rider, Carlos, got the holeshot and led us through the first corner. I was second on my Cozumel Extreme-Motopark Cozumel sponsored Suzuki.

As we came over the camelback jump, Carlos was feeling the pressure from behind and gave it a little too much throttle.


Cozumel extreme sports
Motocross in Cozumel.

He jumped 20 feet into the air and landed on flat ground. He took a taste of his handle bars, but managed to stay up.

Coming to the new step down triple jump, Carlos and I were even, as we jumped 10 feet into the air and landed 50 feet later.

Carlos held first coming into the next corner and once again we were neck and neck as we jumped the table top.

Motocross jump.
Extreme jumps.


Carlos still had position and held first as we roosted through the bowl corner.

I moved to his inside on the next turn and again we jumped together on the step up finish line jump.

I didn't have enough speed to get past him and he remained ahead of me as we took the hairpin corner.

We raced directly for the crowd and were again bar to bar as we jumped the double.

This time I had the inside position on Carlos and made the pass. The crowd roared.

I race all the time in the States and the only one cheering for me is my girlfriend. It was really cool to be able to hear the crowd cheering for me here as I raced by them each lap.

I held first place as we came out of the turn and Carlos remained behind me for the rest of the race.

This was my first international race win and one I'll always remember.

After the races ended, the crowd filtered out and we enjoyed a nice dinner grilled right at the track, a few beers, and good conversation with friends. It was an absolutely awesome day.

All of the racers felt that this was one of the best events they've taken part in.

We want to thank the local government for putting on the event and the work they put into the track and spectator area.


We hear they are trying to get a round of the Mexican pro national series to come to Cozumel in March 2012. Hopefully this will happen. Besides being a lot of fun for us to watch, it will bring a lot of money to the local economy.

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Chris Wright is 52 years old and lives in Michigan in the summer. After working in IT, sales and customer service he went on to open Cozumel eXtreme, where he organizes and promotes special motocross vacations in Cozumel for beginners and experienced riders.

Racing Highlights: 6th in the State of Michigan Motocross Series, 2010; 2nd in the Cadillac Track Series in 50+ and 250, 2009 and 2010; 4th in the Vet Sport Class at Redbud's Vet Fest, 2011.