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Today, following rumors that Donald Trump Jr. is once again looking to build a resort on the island, a spokesperson for Cozumel's mayor said the property developer is "welcome in Cozumel".

Víctor Hernández, who speaks on behalf of Mayor Aurelio Joaquín González, told This is Cozumel no official approach has been made, but Trump Jr. could build a resort here if he complies with environmental laws.

Donald Trump Jr., son of Donald J. Trump and Executive Vice President at The Trump Organization, visited the island and met with Cozumel's mayor last month.

Although the property tycoon's son confirmed he was in Cozumel, he would not say if he has reinitiated his plans to build on the island.

The idea of a mega-resort on the island's north-east coast was originally raised with a previous mayor, Gustavo Ortega Joaquín, in 2007, before the idea was shelved by Trump Jr. in 2008.

In 2009, Trump Jr. admitted he was still interested in Cozumel, but things had been quiet until his visit, last month, which caused rumors to flare up again.

Cozumel Trump resot
Cozumel's east coast, south of the rumored location for a Trump resort.

According to local media reports, the proposed development is called Punta Arrecifes and would be an "island within an island", a 1,000-room beach resort that could take 4 years to build.

Some even suggest it would include a golf course, marina and landing strip for small aircraft.

Although the local government is encouraging investment in new hotels, talk of such an enormous project on a virgin part of the island has angered local environmentalists.

Guadalupe Alvarez, president of Cozumel environmental organization, Citymar, said such a resort would break at least five local and federal laws, which aim to protect the environment and control the density of new construction.

She doesn't see the idea as feasible, suggesting Cozumel's mayor is simply playing games and that Trump Jr. should "think better and not get into problems with the Cozumel community."

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