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Cozumel boxing
Cozumel world title boxing.

Cozumel is punch drunk with excitement for tomorrow's world title fight between Mexican boxer, Humberto "Zorrita" Soto, and his Japanese challenger, Motoki Sasaki.

The contest will see Soto defend his WBC World Lightweight belt in the park in front of the island's city hall.

Both boxers arrived to the island earlier this week and crowds turned out on Wednesday afternoon to see the pair training publicly for the feature, which promoters are calling "Kamikazes in Cozumel".


The WBC said, "They spoke to each other with respect, both assuring they would be looking for the knockout, although winning is their main objective."

The fight will start at 7pm, Saturday, June 25, 2011 and tickets are still available from City Hall, Palmas and Rolandis restaurants, and the Casa Mexicana hotel.

Prices: Ringside (rows 1-3) 1,500 pesos; VIP A (rows 4-6) 1,000 pesos; VIP B (rows 7-8) 500 pesos, Standard (rows 9-10) 250 pesos; Terrace 100 pesos.

Stop Press, June 26, 2011: Humberto "Zorrita" Soto retained his WBC World Lightweight Title in Cozumel last night. The judges unanimously voted him the winner on points after he sustained an injury in the 11th round and could not continue.