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Cozumel's recently opened Equinos equestrian center offers children and adults the chance to giddy up their horses, with classes in dressage, horsemanship, vaulting and more.

It has an impressive stock, including Creoles, a Quarter Horse, a Warmblood and local horses of happily mixed descent.


The center's instructor, Andrea Borchert, has over 30 years' experience in animal therapy and equestrianism and recently moved to the new premises from her previous location in Cozumel.

Cozumel horses
Horse riding classes for all ages.

Andrea's passion for animals is infectious and her services have fast become a favorite with locals and tourists alike.

Enjoy classes -- from dressage to jumping to breaking in -- and also horse care training, equestrian camps and even special therapy sessions for children with disabilities.

Cozumel horse
Classes from dressage to jumping to breaking in.

Price guide:

Introductory class: 400 pesos (approx. $35)
Packet 1: 4 classes (1 per week) for 1,400 pesos (approx. $120)
Packet 2: 8 classes (2 per week) for 2,400 pesos (approx. $210)
Packet 3: 12 classes (3 per week) for 3,000 pesos (approx. $260)

Contact: Andrea Borchert, Equinos at Hacienda Azcorra.

Location: 100 yards inland from the Carretera Costera Sur highway, a few miles south from downtown, opposite the new marina. See the green arrow on Google Maps here.

Email: andreaandaluz [at]

Tel. 987-111-5149 (Cozumel cell.)