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Have you joined the Cozumel social media fever on Facebook yet?!

The This is Cozumel Facebook page now has over 2,000 followers and the number continues to grow daily.

Launched last year, the page quickly became a popular online Cozumel community where fans can see news live and get lots of great tips, competitions and special deals.

As social media becomes more and more central to travel planning, the This is Cozumel Facebook page allows anyone to ask questions that experienced Cozumel visitors and residents can help answer.

This trusted, independent advice, along with a rich mix of island news and offers live and direct from This is Cozumel, make the page an essential resource for lovers of Cozumel.

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Whether you're reading us on your laptop, or getting our updates on your handheld device, Facebook or Twitter make it even easier to keep up-to-date for your travel to Cozumel.


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