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Cozumel marks its first anniversary as "Island of Peace", next week, and can be proud of what has been accomplished in just a year.

The island was awarded the prestigious peace flag - whose previous recipients include the Dalai Lama - a year ago on July 13th.

The flag was awarded by the International Committee for the Banner of Peace, a non-governmental organization officially affiliated with the United Nations and headed by Dr. Alicia Rodriguez, the first Mexican woman to be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Cozumel peace voyage
The Zamná sets sail.

One of the reasons Cozumel was selected is because the island has no record of any warlike conflict, from ancient Mayan times to today.

In its first year as Island of Peace, Cozumel successfully helped send a magnificent wooden trimaran, the Zamná, on a peace voyage to 12 ports in the U.S. and Europe.

Cozumel's Carnival also carried the peace message and plans for the launch of the Philippe Cousteau anchor museum, with an investment of $2.9 million, were confirmed.

The voyage, Carnival and museum were all designed to help the peace committee achieve its aims to make the world a better place and promote respect for all people.

With no religion or political ideology, the committee says its message is one of "integration and peace, with the purpose of achieving unity in diversity."

For more information about the peace committee visit the Banner of Peace website.

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