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Thousands of sea turtles come to Cozumel every year to nest on the island's east coast beaches.

Now visitors have the chance to learn about them while helping with their protection.


The 2010 Sea Turtle Workshop started this week and allows visitors to see these amazing creatures nesting in the sand.

Cozumel Punta Sur
Majestic adult turtle.


The project is organized by biologists working with Cozumel's parks' authority to help conserve sea turtles on the island.

Participants walk the beaches at Punta Sur Park at night and can experience firsthand the incredible sight of mothers digging nests and laying their eggs.

Under the watchful eye of trained experts, the experience takes place from 9pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday nights from July 5th to August 13th, 2010.

The price to take part is $60 for adults or $30 for children and reservations can be made at Punta Sur Park or the island's museum downtown on the seafront, just north of the main square.

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