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Total investment for Cozumel's new Philippe Cousteau anchor museum was confirmed at $2.9 million (36.2m pesos), last month.

As part of Cozumel's status as Island of Peace, the new "water, light and sound" experience will be built on the seafront, south of downtown.

7 historic anchors will be located by the pier where the Zamna peace voyage ship will be moored. They will combine each night in a multimedia maritime spectacular.

It is the second such Philippe Cousteau museum, the first being recognized by UNESCO in Salinas, Spain, where an array of breathtaking anchors stands against a stark coastal landscape.

Cozumel museum
Multimedia maritime spectacular.

Philippe was the second son of the legendary French underwater explorer, Jacques Cousteau and the family has a special history with Cozumel.

Jacques put Cozumel on the scuba map in 1960, when he visited and discovered the incredible underwater life around the island. The local tourism industry has never looked back.

Cousteau anchor museum.
To be built on the seafront, south of downtown.

Philippe followed in his father's footsteps to become an oceanographer, and is said to have been a professional diver from an age of 7 years.

The Mexican federal government said it will contribute the lion's share of the budget, with $2.6 million coming from its coffers.

Cozumel Island of Peace

The Cozumel municipal government will make up the difference of $300,000 from local funds.

No timeline has been announced for the museum, but the federal government says the budget needs to be used this year.