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Mexico's Federal Competition Comission (CFC) confirmed to local press, this week, that it is investigating possible anti-competitive practices on the ferry route between Cozumel and Playa del Carmen.

It's hoped locally that this will be the first step towards improving the price and frequency of the service, which could bring more tourism to the island from the coast nearby.

The CFC announced its review into maritime transport last October, but this week they confirmed for the first time to local newspaper, El Quintanarroense, that it includes the Cozumel route.

Although they have not named specific companies, it stands to reason that they are scrutinizing Mexico Waterjets and Ultramar, the only two operators of the island's passenger ferries.

Cozumel’s mayor, Juan Carlos González Hernández, has also said he wants a third company to increase competition.


Cozumel ferries
Improvements could bring more tourists.

There have been unconfirmed reports that a new ferry operator, called Isla de Paz, could start sailing the route for as little as $4 each way - less than half the price of the $11 fare currently offered by the incumbents.

The CFC is looking into contracts, agreements and arrangements between the providers of commercial and passenger maritime services, seeking any conditions that may fix, raise or manipulate ticket prices.

Mexico Waterjets and Ultramar have more than doubled their prices in the last 6 years and locals complain that the service is not frequent enough, with gaps of two hours between some ferry departures.

No date has been confirmed yet for the completion or publication of the CFC's findings.

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