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Mayan steam lodge
Unique Mayan tradition.

If you're tired of the rat race and tacky, commercial tourism, why not sweat it out while learning Mayan history?

On our unique steam lodge tour, you cleanse your body, mind and soul, and learn about the spiritual beliefs of the ancient Maya.

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The whole experience takes place at the Xkan Ha nature reserve, in the middle of the jungle and completely free from sales people, photographers or other annoyances of modern life.

A knowledgeable guide – or temazcalero - explains Mayan traditions that have been preserved through the centuries.

Cozumel temazcal
Cleanse your body, mind and soul.

The word temazcal comes from the ancient Aztec dialect Nahuatl and means house of steam: temaz - steam, calli - house.

Cozumel sauna
Learn the phases of this mystic process.

It differs in many ways from Scandinavian, Turkish or Indian sweat baths and saunas, and has been widely used by the Aztecs and Mayas that populate Mesoamerica for many hundreds of years.

Cozumel ceremony
Used by the Aztecs and Mayas for many hundreds of years.

The ceremony is a relaxing and cleansing therapy for the nervous system and reactivates skin cells. The steam bath helps eliminate fat and stimulate blood vessels, as well as benefiting the digestive and respiratory systems.

Cozumel steam bath
Emerge reborn and rejuvenated.

You will be led through the various phases of this mystic process. First the recognition of North, East, South and West and their significance to the Mayans with the 'Smudging Ceremony'. Then into the Mayan steam lodge for the four phases of cleansing and the five points of visualization. After an hour you will emerge reborn and rejuvenated.

Bathe in the fresh water cenote, a natural Yucatecan sink hole.

As part of the cooling down process, you are invited to bathe in the fresh water cenote, a natural Yucatecan sink hole, or rinse off in a freshwater shower.

Cozumel Mayans
Relax in a hammock in the jungle while enjoying fresh fruits and juices.

Once dry again, you can relax in a hammock in the jungle while enjoying fresh fruits and juices, grown and harvested locally on the Xkan-Ha reserve.

As a departing gift each guest is given a glyph necklace, indicating the participant's birthday according to the ancient Mayan calendar. You're sure to sleep like a baby that night and hopefully will feel like a new person!

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The complete tour costs $80 per person, visit our Things To Do section for full information about the Cozumel Steam Lodge or more Cozumel tours.