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Exactly 5 years ago today, the most powerful Atlantic hurricane in recorded history arrived and pounded Cozumel relentlessly for 3 days.

Since then, in inspired fashion, the island has undergone an incredible recovery, fought off other problems and today stands out as one of the best vacation destinations in the world.


After Hurricane Wilma in 2005, the Mexican President at the time, Vicente Fox Quesada, described the comeback from the storm as "a triumph of collective determination over adversity".

Islanders and authorities cleaned up Cozumel fast and the first tourists returned just 10 days later.

Apart from the odd memory of Wilma's wrath here or there, the island had completely recovered within a year.

Since then, Cozumel's tourism industry has had to contend with the global economic slowdown and the surprise of the flu crisis in 2009.

As locals and frequent visitors know, Cozumel and the surrounding area of Mexico are far away from the violence of the so-called drug war.

Cozumel Mexico
Cozumel's smiles and friendliness.


But sensational press reports and exaggerated travel warnings about Mexico have not helped tourism on the island either.

Yet, in the adversity of all these challenges over the last 5 years, islanders have stood strong and continued to greet vistors with their trademark smiles and friendliness.

And apart from its fantastic human assets, Cozumel has also dramatically improved its infrastructure, won two international awards for peace, seen spectacular bicentenary celebrations and attracted record numbers of visitors.

Not bad for an island almost laid flat by the force of Mother Nature just 5 years ago.

It is strength of community spirit and stubborness to succeed that have driven the success story in Cozumel, hopefully it's a story that can inspire many others too.

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