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Islanders marched in white for World Peace Day on Tuesday, and they had much reason to be proud.

Although media have focused on violence in Mexico recently, Cozumel is clearly in another, much more pacific world.

Not only does Cozumel fly the flag as an official "Island of Peace", but now it will also receive the prestigious "Pax Urbis" peace award and be promoted internationally.

Cozumel's humble people and awe-inspiring natural environment have surely contributed to the historic spirit of peace on the island.

And it is this spirit that led the Committee for 100 Cities for Peace to announce, earlier this month, that Cozumel will officially receive the Pax Urbis award on November 13, 2010.

Committee director, Pablo Marcet Bonel, made a special trip from Spain to bring the good news, praising islanders for their work to build and promote peace and tolerance.


Cozumel Peace March
Marching for tolerance.

He was referring to projects such as the Zamná, a great wooden galleon, that set sail from Cozumel for an incredible journey half the way across the world.

Cozumel Peace Voyage
The Zamná sets sail.


The voyage took children from the Mayan homelands of Mexico to deliver a message of peace to their kindred in Greece, cradle of another of the world's great civilizations.

In turbulant times, simple messages such as these can be staggering in their strength.

A small island in the Mexican Caribbean really can help promote a better world, if people are willing to sit up and listen.

And this was the concept at the center of the speech made by Juan Carlos González Hernández, mayor of Cozumel, on Tuesday.

After leading the peace march, he thanked the white-clad crowd - which included a United Nations representative and child-sailors from the Zamná - and vowed that Cozumel will "continue to always be an Island of Peace."

He understands perfectly why tourists sometimes ask if it is safe to visit Cozumel, given the way Mexico is portrayed in the media.

However, Mexico's troubles are over 1,000 miles away on the other side of the country and with its great peace achievements the question rings hollow on the island.


Cozumel City of Peace
Mayor and Marcet Bonelt.

But, to answer the question: is Cozumel safe?

Well, yes, it most certainly is. Peaceful too. And islanders have never been prouder of the fact.

For more pictures see the "Peaceful Cozumel" photo album on our Cozumel Facebook Page.

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