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A record-breaking 3,106 turtle nests have been recorded in Cozumel so far this year, said Rafael Chacón Díaz, the island's head of ecology, last week.

Chacón, who lead's the municipal government's environment and ecology department, said most of the endangered animals' nests were found on the east coast beaches Playa Box and Playa Bonita.

There are still some months left for the nesting season this year, but already the number is greater than for 2009 and 4 times higher than just a few years ago.

Cozumel turtle office
New mobile turtle office.

Cozumel's government says preserving the turtles is a high priority and, to help, they will open a turtle information office on the island's east coast.

The office, in the form of a portable trailer, will help inform locals and tourists about the importance of saving the turtles, which could otherwise be in danger of extinction.

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