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Cozumel news stories from 2009.

This is Cozumel

Hot Property: Casa Duplex

House for sale in Cozumel

A great investment opportunity at only $180,000.

Two homes in one in Cozumel's much sought-after Corpus Christi neighborhood downtown.

Both homes have 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, spacious dining and living room.

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This is Cozumel

Petition To Help Cozumel

Over 1,300 people have already signed a new petition to help Cozumel this week.

The online notice calls on the US Government to update its travel alert for Mexico to make clear Cozumel is safe.

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This is Cozumel

A Sacred Mayan Journey

An astounding 30 handmade 26-foot canoes will cross the sea to Cozumel in the historic Travesía Sagrada Maya, or Mayan Sacred Journey, an event being held from May 21 to 23.

This celebrated three-day reenactment brings to life the ancient, mystical journey taken by the Maya in their quest to pay tribute to the Goddess Ix Chel, whose sanctuary rests on the island.

Cozumel events
Sacred Mayan journey.
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This is Cozumel

Mexico Officially Safe

The US and British governments updated their travel advice for Mexico yesterday, saying it is safe for travel.

In an almost simultaneous announcement, Carnival cruise lines said they would resume some calls in Cozumel at the end of May.

The changes will be welcomed as a victory by almost 3,000 "friends of Cozumel", who signed a petition to the CDC urging them to update their travel advice this week.

Mexico safe
Cruises to return.
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This is Cozumel

Hotel Given Stamp Of Approval

The Hotel Flamingo in Cozumel announced this month that it has been awarded the distinguished "M" certification from Mexico's Secretary of Tourism.

The downtown hotel received an impressive 96% score from inspectors looking at customer satisfaction, staff performance and waste reduction.

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