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Cozumel news stories from 2009.

This is Cozumel

Shore Excursion Price Promise

Cozumel Shore Excursions
Amazing tours in Cozumel.

We're delighted to offer over 50 tours suitable for cruise ship passengers, many at a much lower price than buying with your cruise line.

And now, with our new Shore Excursion Price Promise, if you book with us and then find the same tour cheaper, we'll refund twice the difference!*

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This is Cozumel

Top Snorkel Tips

Cozumel snorkeling.
Great snorkeling.
  With more than 100 types of beautiful coral and almost 300 species of colorful fish, you haven't seen Cozumel if you don't take a peek below the surface of the water!

Get the most out of your snorkeling experience with the help of our top tips...
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This is Cozumel

Paradise You Won't Want To Leave

The toughest part of Aida's job is getting people to leave.

Customers love her beach getaway so much, they sometimes hide at the end of the day in an attempt not to abandon this little piece of paradise.

Cozumel Passion Island
Greeting guests in paradise.
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This is Cozumel

Hot Property: Oceanfront Condo

Cozumel ocean front condo
Ocean front condo.

Experience the splendor, tranquility and magnificence of Cozumel, Mexico in your very own private retreat.

Enjoy the uninterrupted view of the azure waters of the Caribbean from your own private terrace with this hot island property.

This ocean front condo downtown in Cozumel has three beautiful suites with private baths.

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This is Cozumel

Cozumel Wetlands Protected

The lagoons in the north of Cozumel have been made a special protected area under Mexican law and international treaty, announced Ernesto Enkerlin, Director of Mexico's National Commission for Protected Natural Areas (CONANP) last week.

The area will now be a "Ramsar" site, he said, during an event for World Wetland's Day at the Autonomous University of Baja California in Ensenada, Mexico.

Cozumel Lagoons
Outstanding natural beauty.
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