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The latest in our series about successful island businesses run by non-Mexicans.

This article looks at Cozumel's Equestrian Center, managed by German horse-trainer, linguist and nurse, Andrea Borchert.

Update: in 2011 Andrea moved to new premises at Equinos at the Hacienda Azcorra Cozumel equestrian center.

I'm an "animaloca" says Andrea, originally from Berlin in Germany. A tricky word to translate into English, but basically it means she's crazy about animals. And it shows.

Cozumel horse riding
Horse riding classes for all ages.

Andrea, 42, originally moved to Cozumel some 17 years ago to train dolphins for animal therapy sessions. Before that she had grown up with horses in Germany, trained them, studied languages and earned a degree in nursing: perhaps the perfect qualifications to open an equestrian center in Mexico that also specializes in animal therapy.

Cozumel stables
May be you are cut out to open a business here too?

Her love of horses and therapy for children with disabilities combined to produce this original idea and the Equestrian Center first opened its stable doors earlier this year.

Cozumel riding classes
Classes from dressage to jumping to breaking in.

It now has an impressive stock of horses, including Creoles, a Quarter Horse, a Warmblood and local horses of happily mixed descent. Its carefully maintained facilities include 6 stables, an 8,600 square foot track and buildings housing kitchen and dining areas.

Cozumel equestrian center
Local knowledge a great help for permits and paperwork

Andrea's services have fast become a favorite with locals and tourists alike. They love the classes -- from dressage to jumping to breaking in -- but also the horse care training, equestrian camps and even special therapy sessions for children with disabilities.

Cozumel horse track
8,600 square foot track and 6 stables.

When asked whether it was a difficult business to set up, Andrea simply responds that she couldn't have done it without the ideas, investment and moral support of the Cozumel people around her. Local knowledge was a great help when it came to permits and paperwork too, she says.


If you love the wonderful people, nature, jungle and animals of Cozumel as much as Andrea, then maybe you are cut out to open a business here too.

You may want to consider a local business partner, and don't expect it to be all gallop and no trot, but if you do your research and visit for an extended period before committing, you too could have an enterprise in paradise with a job that you love.

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