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The sound of "ranch jazz" will fill the island's Moby Dick Center next Friday night, when world-famous Mexican singer, Lila Downs, takes the stage.

Lila's original musical style defies definition, but has been described as a mix of Mexican ranch music, jazz, folk, latin and world beats.

The "Black Magic Women" tour sees Lila performing in New York on Tuesday, before jetting back for what's sure to be a warm island welcome in Cozumel at the end of the week.

Lila was originally born in a small town in the central-south Mexican state of Oaxaca. Her mother is Mixtec Indian and her father a film maker from Colorado, of Scottish descent.

Cozumel Lila Downs
Lila live in Guadalajara, Spain, in 2007.

Add to the mix the fact that she grew up partly in Minnesota, partly in Oaxaca, and then studied art in California, and you start to see why see why her style is so hard to pin down.

Tickets to the concert are a bargain, starting from just 100 pesos (less than $8). They're available this week from outlets downtown in Cozumel, by phone or email.

For more information visit the Cozumel concert web page (Spanish only) or the Lila Downs website.