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Getting dirty in Cozumel on ATV and Xrail Buggy tours has long been a favorite amongst the island's visitors.

Now, with this fantasic price offer you can enjoy getting mucky in the jungle for 20% less!

Cozumel tour offer
Save 20% with This is Cozumel.

Any ATV or Xrail tours that are booked for dates in August, September or October 2009 will receive a 20% discount.

How much fun can you handle? How dirty can you get!?

Pay just $80 for the Xrail Jungle Buggy tour (normally $99) or only $60 for the ATV Jungle and Snorkel Combo (normally $75).

Cozumel ATV Tour
ATV Jungle and Snorkel Combo.

Both tours take you on special trails surrounded by lush jungle, on the way to see caverns and other wild and amazing natural island attractions.

Cozumel buggy tour
Xrail Jungle Buggy madness.

With the Xrail tour you get to freshen up in the emerald waters of a hidden sinkhole and on the ATV tour you can finish your day with world-class snorkeling at one of the island's best beach clubs.

Different combinations may also be possible - contact us for more information or visit our Tours section for full details about the Xrail Jungle Buggy tour and the ATV Jungle and Snorkel Combo.