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Cozumel zipline
Fly high above the jungle.

Enjoy a unique family-friendly experience with our new Jungle Zipline, Snorkel, Beach Adventure.

Fly high above the jungle, on a 2,400ft circuit of ziplines with amazing views and snorkeling afterwards.

See the different colors of the Caribbean Sea on one side and jungle to the horizon on the other.

Cozumel zipline adventure
6 high speed zipline trails between 12 platforms.

When you arrive to Zipline Park you will be welcomed and shown around by the certified guides.

Cozumel fly high adventure
Guides are First Aid and Rappel Rescue Certified.

You receive a safety briefing before you walk to the first 33ft high platform. You remain attached to a safety line at all times.

Get ready for the adrenalin rush! You'll soon be flying above the jungle using the safest system with twin cables and double pulleys.

Cozumel climbing tour
Surrounded by jungle that has all kind of wild animals and plants.

You'll have time to stop on each platform to observe the surrounding jungle wildlife and take in the excellent views.

Complimentary water is included after your circuit and you then get ready to take a 5 minute walk through the jungle with one of our guides to the beach club where your next great adventure will start.

Zipline and snorkeling tour
Snorkeling tour after zipline.

The snorkel guide will receive you and give you all your snorkel gear and a briefing, when you are ready you will start snorkeling at one of the most beautiful coral reefs in the island of Cozumel.

Cozumel eco-park
Bathrooms, lockers and a snack-bar with a deck covered from rain and sun.

When you finish you will have a lunch included with your tour in the restaurant or the beach area. You can stay there as long as you want.