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Restaurants, hotels and tours continue to welcome tourists in Cozumel.

Visitors are still arriving by air and ferry although in lower numbers.

Now is a great time to enjoy some peaceful paradise in Cozumel.

There have been no reported cases of swine flu in Cozumel or the state of Quintana Roo.

Island tour companies such as Fury Catamarans and Wild Tours, continue operating as normal and hotels such as the Hotel Flamingo are open with guests staying. Restaurants and shops are also open downtown.

Mexican President, Felipe Calderón, said last night that Mexicans could enjoy an extended May holiday from May 1st to 5th.

Between those dates less essential government and industry will be closed, but essential tourism services such as hotels and restaurants will remain open "especially" for visitors from other regions or countries.

Ignore the hysteria in some of the media and make your own informed decision on whether to visit, in Cozumel you can be sure of a warm welcome and tourism services will be open.

A great vacation in paradise still awaits you.

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