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Local business people say Cozumel is as safe as ever, despite recent bad press about Mexico in North America.

They point out that the 'drug war' is on the northern border, some 1,800 miles (3,000 kms) away.

The United States and Canadian governments updated their travel advice for citizens traveling to Mexico recently and make clear that the riskiest areas are along the northern Mexican border with the US.

However, some US media outlets have implied all of Mexico is unsafe, particularly in recent reports about spring break tourism.

Fox News anchor, Kimberley Guilfoyle, hysterically told parents in the US last week, "Don't let your children go (to Mexico). You will be sorry if you do."

On its website, the Los Angeles Times criticised CNN for its coverage the drug war. The paper said CNN anchor, Don Lemon, had, "implied that all of Mexico is embroiled in such violence, and it's simply not true."

Local businessman Tom Fryer agrees that the drug war is a long way away. Owner of the Hotel Flamingo downtown in Cozumel, he said that after travelling to many parts of Mexico, the Caribbean and Latin America, he has found Cozumel to be, "by far the safest destination around".

Adalberto Trujillo, marketing manager at Fury Catamarans on the island, said he feels safe in Cozumel because it's a place where you can, "walk in the streets without any problems and everyone is friendly with tourists".

The Los Angeles Times backed this view, pointing out that, "as with the United States, some places in Mexico are safer than others, and they deserve a fair shake."

Eduardo Esquer, manager of Playa Uvas beach club, said that Cozumel is great for families and that, "we're always confident that if we go out, at any time of the day or night, we won't have any problems."

As Oscar Fitch, CEO of the Mexico Tourism Board, said last week to USAToday, "Feel safe to come here, and we will take care of you. Mi casa es su casa."