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The possibility of the Trump Organization building a mega-resort in Cozumel surfaced again this week.

In response to local press reports about the development, Donald Trump Jr, Executive Vice President at the Trump Organization, told This is Cozumel, that they "would still be interested in doing a deal".

The Trump Organization said last May that the plans were not being pursued at that particular time, but 8 months later it seems they have still not been dropped altogether.

Although Mr. Trump said "nothing has changed" since last May, he left the door open for a project on the same piece of land, in the north-east of the island, where he had discussed a plan with Cozumel's previous Mayor, Gustavo Ortega Joaquín.

For about two years, there has been talk of the project on the island. The Trump Organization officially confirmed the project was under consideration but no deal was presented before the idea was shelved last May.

The project has caused controversy with environmentalists, who point out that the north-east part of the island where the development is planned is home to endangered flora and fauna, needing to be protected, not built on.

The proposed luxury real estate development has been named Punta Arrecifes and described by insiders as an "island within an island", a huge closed off beach resort, complete with golf course and landing strip.

Local newspaper, the Diario de Quintana Roo, reported earlier this week that the Mayor of Cozumel, Juan Carlos González Hernández, had said there are a "wide range of possibilities" available to help bring the project to completion.

The paper also wrote that Eduardo Miguel Ángel Gómez Mont, Head of the Mexican National Fund for the Promotion of Tourism, FONATUR, had said that if the Trump Organization didn't invest in the project then the federal agency itself may provide the capital.

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