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Cozumel's Marine Park held a program of ecological events last week to mark National Conservation Week.

Students held environmental debates about Cozumel, a fair was organized and a marina and beaches were cleaned.

The activities formed part of a national event organized by Mexico's National Commission for Protected Natural Areas.

Separately, the Turtle Protection Project, PROTOMAR, said they'd recorded 2,300 turtles nests on the island's east coast, 3 times as many as the previous year.


Cozumel turtles
Baby turtles protected.

The project is made up of different volunteer 'protection brigades' that record where turtles make their nests during the laying season and help protect them.

They said that in their 6 months of operation this year, 3,800 people had helped and a total of some 220,000 turtles had been released.

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