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El Perro Verde - or Green Dog - is Cozumel's newest downtown café.

Once you stop laughing at the papier-mâché canine greeting you from above the doorway, step inside for a scrumptious home-made vegetarian menu.

As well as an artistic sense of humor and great food, this eco-eatery offers the best chai on the island and a space to relax and make new friends.


The Mexican and Spanish owners offer a range of healthy snacks, meals and drinks.

Try out the Crazy Monkey sandwich, with home-made, sugar-free peanut butter, celery, cucumber and pumpkin seeds.

Cozumel vegetarian food
Artistic humor.

If you're feeling a bit more peckish don't miss the authentic Spanish Tortilla Omelette or Sauerkraut Toasties.

Fresh fruit juices, shakes, teas and coffees are available to go with your meal, and be sure you don't leave the island without trying the unique 'Space Ship'.

A house recipe, this cosmic rocket is a delicious mix of sweet chicozapote jelly, a regional speciality, with coconut ice cream, raisins, berries and honey.

Price guide:

Vegetarian Hamburger with salad, $5.50; Sandwich of the Day, $3.00; Special Garden Salad, $4.50; Fresh fruit drinks, from $2.50; Chai, $2.50; Coffee, $2.00.

El Perro Verde is open Monday to Saturday, 9am to 4pm, on Avenida 15 between Calle 1 and Rosada Salas, 3 blocks back from the seafront.

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