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Giant Mexican supermarket chain, Comercial Mexicana, will open a new 'Mega' store in downtown Cozumel later this year.

Work on the seafront site is already well under way. The construction will have a total area the size of 5 football fields.


Carmen Terrones Vélez, spokesperson for Comercial Mexicana in Mexico City, said the store would open in the "second half" of 2008.

The store will sell a variety of food, including basic groceries and perishables, as well as general merchandise and clothing.

Grupo Vyg, the company constructing the project, says the construction budget is over $5.5 million US dollars.

The shop, warehouse and service buildings will have a total area of 12,000 square meters (129,167 sq ft) and the car parking area will have a size of 15,000 square meters (161,459 sq ft).

Comercial Mexicana is one of the largest retail companies in Mexico with a total of 214 retail stores and 71 restaurants, located in 42 cities around the country. The chain's brands include Mega, Bodega, Costco (Mexico) and Sumesa.

The new store is being built on the corner of the seafront (Avenida Rafael Melgar) and 11th Avenue, close to Punta Langosta cruise ship pier.

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