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Cozumel downtown
Spiffy new look downtown.

A program of impressive new garden areas and downtown improvements is almost complete.

Streets in Cozumel are now greener and more pedestrian-friendly than before.

Ernesto Vivas Anduze, Cozumel's Director of Public Services, said last week that the works have included the equivalent to around 15½ miles (24¾ km) of garden soil; 1,852 palm trees; 30,900 plants and 231,424 square feet (21,500 sqm) of lawn turf.

The first two blocks of downtown back from the seafront have been completely remodeled, making the sidewalks wider and adding plants, trees and garden areas.

Many businesses in the center are now able to have European continental style seating outdoors on the sidewalks, allowing their customers to enjoy the sunshine and views while they eat or drink.

Tom Fryer, owner of the Hotel Flamingo downtown, said that the improvements have made the streets back from the seafront much more attractive to tourists.

Local authorities are actively encouraging visitors to not only shop along the seafront, but also to check out the many fantastic smaller shops, bars and restaurants in the streets nearby.

When in Cozumel why not make the most of what local businesses have to offer and take a pleasant stroll down the spiffy new side streets too?

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