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Top Mexican rock band Genitallica will be playing live downtown in Cozumel this Friday night.

The group has performed in the past with the likes of Blur, Cafe Tacuba, Molotov and Kiss.

Formed in 1998 in Monterrey in the north of Mexico, Genitallica describe their music as a "fusion of Reggae, Punk, Ska, Rock, Hip Hop, Funk, Mariachi and Tambora".

The rockers have 2 top albums in their discography: Sin Vaselina and Picas o Platicas. Some of their most best-known tracks are Chiquitita, Todos Tomados, Borracho, No Tengo Amigos, Préndelo and Trasero.

The band will be supported by Perigeo and part of the profits will go to the Mexican Red Cross.

The concert starts at 8pm on Friday, February 29th, on the seafront downtown in front of the bar Room Service, near Punta Langosta.

Tickets cost $13 (140 pesos) in advance from the Red Cross on the corner of Rosada Salas and Avenida 20, or $16 (170 pesos) on the night.

For more information in Spanish visit the Genitallica website.