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Cozumel charity
Charity helps cats and dogs.

The Cozumel Humane Society raised $3,500 (36,000 pesos) at its annual dinner, said Monica Velasco, the animal charity's President, last week.

The money will be used for medications, medical supplies and some much-needed repairs.

200 tickets were sold for the event in December and they also sold raffle tickets and tequila shots.

Monica was delighted to add that with the money the "kinder" cattery could have a new frame, the gate can be fixed, and they may even have enough to buy some paint.

She warned, "we may be recruiting volunteers for a sunday of playing with the dogs and painting the walls!"

If you are interested in helping the Humane Society please call Andrea on local number 878-8502 or email icuchickie [at]

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