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Cozumel environment agreement
The agreement aims to protect reefs.

A ground-breaking agreement was signed last week that aims to minimize environmental damage by cruise ships in Cozumel.

With more than 10,000 passengers arriving on ships to the island on some days, it has an important role to play.

The agreement was signed as part of a wider initiative to help the reef that runs along the Caribbean coast of Central America, south from Cozumel.

Conservation International, Cozumel’s Department of Tourism and the Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association, all signed the agreement to "ensure a healthy future for the island's natural assets".

Conservation International is an non-profit organization that aims to conserve global biodiversity and help human societies to live harmoniously with nature.

They said the agreement would provide a framework for concerted action in Cozumel by government, private sector, civil society organizations and cruise lines.

It aims to increase environmental education of local communities, cruise lines and passengers. They also hope to reduce waste-disposal problems, improve protection of the reef and better enforce environmental laws and regulations.

Find more information visit the Center for Environmental Leadership in Business website.

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