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Cozumel beaches
Amazing beaches in Cozumel.
  Global online travel company, Orbitz, said last week that Cozumel was the fastest growing international winter beach destination in 2007.

Mexico topped the Caribbean with 7 of the top 10 beach destinations, including the top 3.

The company measured percentage growth in the number of hotel bookings on its website during winter months (December 21 through February 28) over a three-year period to determine its fastest-growing winter beach destinations.

The top 10 were: 1. Cozumel, Mexico; 2. Riviera Maya/Playa del Carmen, Mexico; 3. Negril Beach, Jamaica; 4. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil; 5. Aruba; 6. Cancun, Mexico; 7. Acapulco, Mexico; 8. Ixtapa, Mexico; 9. Mazatlan, Mexico; and 10. Bermuda.

Orbitz is an online travel agency that sell products including airline tickets, hotel rooms, rental cars, cruises and vacation packages.

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