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Floral offering for Juan Bautista Vega
  Historic Mayan island leader, Nojoch Juan Bautista Vega, was remembered at a special event attended by the Mayor and other important dignatories last Friday.

Bautista, born in Cozumel in 1884, was taken prisoner by the local Maya but later helped lead them in their fight for liberty.

Cozumel Mayor, Gustavo Ortega Joaquín, attended traditional rituals and visited local Mayan dignatories at the sanctuaries of Chumpón, Tixcacal Guardia, de la Cruz Parlante and Chancá de la Cruz.

The ceremonies included the offering of food, flowers, candles and incense to Mayan priests, and the laying of a floral reef at Bautista's tomb.

The Mayor said that a bust of Bautista would be made to help strengthen bonds between the island and the Mayans. It will also honor those that laid the foundations of the modern state of Quintana Roo in the nineteenth century.

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