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Enjoy the best of culture and nature in Cozumel with a new combo package that includes entry to Discover Mexico and Chankanaab Park.

Visit the whole of Mexico in 90 minutes and then enjoy the beauty of Chankaanab's famous lagoon and beach for the rest of the day.
Chankanaab Cozumel
Chankanaab's beautiful natural lagoon.

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At the Discover Mexico attraction on the road south of town in Cozumel you first experience a visually spectacular short film of Mexico in a 4 screen mini-cinema.

Next you get to see a fantastic array of art from across the Mexican Republic.

From intricately painted chests and a Virgin Mary made of sand to trees of life and a cockerel made of chilli.

Guides are also available to explain what you see and answer questions.
Art in Cozumel
Colorful Mexican art.

After the art displays the tour takes you outside to the scale models of Mexican ruins and architecture, through 3 phases in the country's history.

Discover Mexico Cozumel
Scale models of Mayan wonders.
  Fool friends by taking photos of incredibly realistic sites around Mexico and telling them you were there!

The entire visit to Discover Mexico takes about 90 minutes.

Next, you hop in a taxi for the short ride to Chankanaab Park, the fare is included in the combo price.

At Chankanaab you can shop, rent snorkel and scuba equipment, relax in a hammock, let the kids enjoy the playground, or simply kick back on the beach and enjoy the soft sand and pristine ocean.

Chankanaab lagoon may have once been occupied by Mayan settlements, or was perhaps a refuge for pirates hiding treasures.

The name comes from the Mayan language; Chan (small) Kanaab (sea or ocean).

You won't see another lagoon like this anywhere in the world. Its beauty is undeniable.
Chankanaab beach
Relax on Chankanaab's white sands.

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Price: $34 for adults or $24 for children (12 years or under).

Includes: entrance to Discover Mexico and Chankanaab Park; one-way transfer between the two (10 min); access to all the parks' facilities (mini-cinema, art exhibition, snack bar, gift stores, botanical garden, beach area with chairs and umbrellas, bilingual guides, medical service, hammocks, bathroom with showers and car parking).

Does not include: food, drinks, tips, snorkel, dive or snuba equipment or entry to Marine Park waters ($3 extra to dive or snorkel).

Opening hours: Mon-Sat, 8am-6pm.

Remember to bring: sneakers, bathing suit, environmentally friendly sunblock, sunglasses, camera, towels, sun hat and extra money.

Location of parks: South Coast Highway approximately 3.5 miles (5.5 km) south of town.

If you have your own transportation and don't need the transfer service between the two parks you can exchange it for a drink, ice cream or snack.

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