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Cozumel's new musical 'anthem' - Himno a Cozumel - was launched last week.

10,000 copies of the words are being distributed to local schools and colleges along with 100 CDs.
Cozumel music and anthem
Island kids at patriotic ceremonies.

Each disk has a recording of the 3 anthems of Cozumel, the State of Quintana Roo and the Republic of México.

Irwing Batún Alpuche, Cozumel's Deputy Director of Education Technology, said that the anthems had been delivered in a variety of ways and that some schools had special marches with bands to present the new piece of music.

The launch of the anthem coincides with Mexico's 'patriotic month'. Batún Alpuche said he hopes that all the island's children will be familiar with the new song by September 27 - the date that marks the completion of Mexico's independence.

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