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Cozumel is preparing for Mexican Independence Day celebrations on September 16th.

The day remembers the Grito de Dolores, a call for Mexicans to rebel against the Spanish, made by Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla in 1810.
Independence Dat Mexico
Mexican flags on City Hall.

370 million pesos ($35,000) have been spent by Cozumel's Municipal government to decorate the town with Mexican colors and organize the most patriotic event in the country's calendar.

The President of Mexico will start the Republic's celebrations by ringing an historic bell and reciting a version of the original cry for independence on the night of September 15th.

A similar cry will be made that night at around 11pm by Cozumel's Mayor, Gustavo Ortega JoaquĆ­n, at an event with thousands of islanders. The mayor will use the opportunity to officially open the new Plaza de Mariachis.

The event this year will also be attended by the winner of Cozumel's Miss Independence pageant. The Mayor's cry will be followed by fireworks and dancing to the music of local group Los Primos de Durango.

On September 16, military parades, bullfights, rodeos and horseback rider performances take place in towns and cities across the whole Republic.

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