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This is Cozumel would like to say a big thanks to the thousands of visitors to our website over the last few days.

Thank you also for the many wishes of good luck we received while waiting to see which way Hurricane Dean would go.
Cozumel after Dean
The Melia Hotel yesterday.

As we reported earlier, the island avoided the brunt of the storm and yesterday was fully open for business again.

Cozumel in great shape
Quick sweep and ready for business.
  The airport re-opened immediately after the storm passed, ferry services resumed yesterday and today the island welcomed back the first cruise ships.

Island tours are up and running, the reefs are fine and hotels and beach clubs are open.

The island is pleased to be in great shape!

The only significant damage was to the road on the island's exposed east coast. Repairs are being treated as a priority by the Municipal government and the highway is expected to be passable again within days.

Our thoughts are now with those in the south of the state where Hurricane Dean did decide to visit.

Clean up operations there are well under way and Cozumel islanders have helped by donating food and clean clothing.
After Hurricane Dean
Seafront statue standing strong.

Some 5,000 packs of aid have been gathered and are being sent to the islanders' cousins on the mainland.

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