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Cozumel after Hurricane Dean
Cozumel seafront this morning:
wet but undamaged.

Hurricane Dean passed by about 130 miles (210 km) to the south of Cozumel last night, bringing rain and wind to the island but with minimal effects.

Locals in Cozumel estimate that wind speeds were not much higher than 60 miles per hour (100kmh).

There has been no interruption to power, the downtown seafront looks just as it did yesterday and there is virtually no damage to buildings or other infrastructure.

Tom Fryer, owner of the Hotel Flamingo, said that downtown would "probably be back to normal tomorrow". With minimal clean-up being required, tourists will be able to resume their vacations almost immediately.

The category 5 storm made landfall near Mahajual on the coast of Mexico around 2.30am local time, said the National Hurricane Center in the United States.

Although the intensity of the storm has dropped now it is over land, other parts of the country continue to be on alert as the storm crosses the Yucatan Peninsula and moves towards the Gulf of Mexico.

You can monitor the storm's progress on the National Hurricane Center's website.

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