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Cozumel turtle nests
Nesting at night.
  Hopefully some 90 thousand baby turtles will hatch from over 800 nests on the island's east coast, said Christopher González Baca, Deputy Director for the Environment and Ecology in Cozumel, at the end of last month.

The endangered infant Green Turtles and Loggerheads take about 52 days to emerge from their eggs and have to survive wild predators before making it into the sea.

González said that the Marine Turtle Protection Committee holds supervised tours to the nesting sites on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays. The tours are in Spanish and depart from the City Hall at 9pm, returning again at 1am.

The tours are free but the Protection Committee gratefully receives donations of money or supplies, such as batteries, rubber gloves, strong chord and camping food.

For more information about protecting Cozumel's turtles, visit the Cozumel Turtle Salvation Project.

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