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Cozumel cheerleaders
The girls at Chen Rio beach.
  Top cheerleaders from the US National Football League team, the Denver Broncos, held their 2008 calendar photoshoot in Cozumel earlier this month.

Teresa Shear, the Broncos' Director of Cheerleaders, said, "traveling to Mexico with our cheerleaders is always fun. They are the life of the party and make friends everywhere".

The girls stayed the week at the Iberostar hotel and took photos at different points of beauty around the island.

After starting the first day with sunset shots, the second day saw Keela Harris, one of the group's leaders, in front of the camera.

Keela has been on the team for four years and looked fabulous posing on the roof top terrace at Hacienda Monte Cristo condos.
Broncos in Mexico
Keela Harris enjoys rooftop views.

The rest of the week included photo sessions at Paradise Beach, Chen Rio beach on the island's windward side, Chankanaab Park and even riding the waves on a catamaran.

Cheerleaders in Cozumel
Kelsey Vernon at Chankanaab.
  At Chankanaab they took pictures of Kelsey Vernon in the reproduction Mayan Village.

Teresa said, "I had a pretty dramatic shot in mind which required some extra work ... it will really be a different shot than the rest of the calendar."

The release party for the calendar is scheduled for Thursday, August 16 at the Broncos' stadium in Denver. All proceeds from the event will go to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

For more information visit the Denver Broncos' website.