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Cozumel tourism survey
Popular beaches.
  According to a recent survey, 93% of tourists to the island said they planned to return and 100% said they thought Cozumel was a safe place to visit.

The survey results showed a high satisfaction rate among the visitors questioned. The island's beautiful beaches were cited as one of the most popular attractions.

The questionnaire was undertaken by Cozumel's Municipal Tourism Department and the results were released earlier this month.

400 national and international vacationers were questioned at tourist information booths at the downtown plaza, cruise ship piers and the island's airport.

Among other findings from the survey, the Tourism Department said that 84% of visitors came to simply relax, 6% came to scuba dive and the rest came on honeymoon, to visit archeological sites, play golf, or for other reasons.

Perhaps surprisingly, only 19% said they had visited the island before and the other 81% were visiting for the first time.