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  Cozumel news An overview of recent news from local Mexican websites and newspapers.

News about safety on the island, Marina Fonatur, world's largest cruise ship, the environment environment and Miss Universe.

01 June 07: Cozumel is one of the safest places in the state, according to an interview with Nemesio Medina Robledo, the local Head of Civil Protection. Reported by Por Esto!

28 May 2007: Authorities have almost all the permits to construct the new Marina Fonatur at the Calita in Cozumel, but local green group Citymar says it will cause environmental damage. Reported by La Jornada.

24 May 2007: Gustavo Ortega JoaquĆ­n, Mayor of Cozumel, greeted the crew and passengers of the Liberty of the Seas, the cruise ship that shares the title of being the world's largest. Reported by Noticaribe.

24 May 2007: A working group including the local government, industry associations and environmental organizations will study the sustainable development of cruise ship tourism in Cozumel. Reported by Noticaribe.

11 May 2007: Miss Universe 2007 contestants from 38 different countries visited Cozumel. Reported by Noticaribe.